Anthropological Papers. Numbers 33 - 42. (Music Books/Songbooks), Gisborne in Gisborne, Gisborne for sale

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507 pages, plates, maps, text illustrations. From the General Assmbly Library New Zealand. Very clean. Content: Includes: Edwin Thompson Denig"Of the Crow Nation"[edited with biographical sketch&footnotes by John C. Ewers]; Robert L. Rands"The Water Lily in Maya Art: A Complex of Alleged Asiatic Origin"; Louis Capron"The Medicine Bundles of the Florida Seminole&the Green Corn Dance"; Frances Densmore"Technique in the Music of the American Indian"Frances Densmore"The Belief of the Indian in a Connection between Song&the Supernatural"; Robert F. Heizer"Aboriginal Fish Poisons"; Robert F. Heizer&William C. Massey"Aboriginal Navigation off the Coasts of Upper and Baja California"; Ralph S. Solecki"Exploration of an Adena Mound at Natrium, West Virginia"; D.B. Shimkin"The Wind River Shoshone Sun Dance"; Fred W. Voget"Current Trends in the Wind River Shoshone Sun Dance".
Anthropological Papers. Numbers 33 - 42.
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Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of American Ethnology, Washington
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